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Catacombs’ for one performer

 (Commissioned by Echos of nothing and Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

‘I can not see the others’ for chamber orchestra and soprano

 (Commissioned by the Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra

‘Sankt Petersburg’ for Violin and Piano


‘t.b.a.’ for Flute and Piano

(Commissioned by Animo Duo



(Short film by Sean Michael Field


Sing Swan’ for Soprano, Bass Clarinet and Djembe

(Commissioned by SputterBox


Rooms’ for mixed jazz ensemble and electronics 

(Commissioned by IG Jazz Stuttgart e.V.

Premiered at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart


‘never ending train’ Video - and Soundinstallation (2 h)

(Collaboration with Jaehun Park)


‘Shelter’ for large orchestra (8 min)

(Comissioned by Russell Ger and the Newburgh Symphony Orchestra)


‘Encore No.2’ for Theorbo, Soprano Recorder & Viola da Gamba (5 min)

(Comissioned by the Festival Barocco Alessandro Stradella)


‘Encore No.1’ for Accordion, Violin & Violoncello (5 min)

(Call for score winner Ensemble +47)


‘The beauty of broken things’ for String Quartet (5 min)

(Comissioned by Quartetto Indaco)


‘The diary pieces’ for piano trio (6 min)

(Comissioned by the Molot Ensemble)


‘Due momenti melancolici’ for mixed ensemble (6 min)

(Comissioned by Katerina Shapochka)


String Quartet No.1 - unnamed (7 min)


Piano Solo Improvisations (full length cd & lp)

(to be released 2020 on &


‘Aedh’ for SATB Choir (4 min)


‘Tormentum’ for Harpsichord and String Orchestra (10 min)



String Quartet No.0  (8 min)

(performed by the Pierrot Quartett)


‘Bandstand’ (9 min)

(comissioned by Carlo Boccadoro and Sentieri Selvaggi Ensemble)

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